Stump Removal


Professional Stump Removal in Your Location

We provide stump grinding services as an addition to our tree removal service or as a one-off service where your tree is already removed and you now require the tree stump to be removed


What's Included in our Stump Removal Service?

Our professional operators will provide clear communication and site assessment to ensure the stump can be accessed and removed without risk to property or utilities. The stump can then be ground out using our stump grinder. If required we can provide advice on tree replanting options. 


Stump removal services start with an assessment of the stump, considering its size, type, and proximity to structures or utilities, to determine the most effective removal strategy. Removal of the stump is typically done through stump grinding, a process that shreds the stump into wood chips using specialized machinery.

Soil Preparation

Our team will take care of soil preparation, adding topsoil or amendments to fill the hole and facilitate the growth of new vegetation.


We also offer replanting services, ranging from grass seeding and plants to installing new hedges and trees.


The cost of removal a tree stump a can vary depending on a number of factors, including the size and location of the tree, as well as the complexity of the job.

Smaller tree stumps can be ground up and removed for a few hundred dollars, while larger projects that involved deep root removal may cost several thousand dollars to remove. In Canada you should anticipate paying between $600 and $2,000 for tree stump removal services.

Yes, we carry public liability insurance and are ISA certified arborists offering safe and affordable stump grinder services as part of our complete tree care package.

Stump removal involves extracting the stump along with its roots, which completely clears the area but is more labor-intensive and disturbs the surrounding soil. This method is ideal if you plan to replant or construct in the area. Stump grinding, on the other hand, is less invasive and grinds the stump down to wood chips without removing the whole root system, making it a quicker and more cost-effective option for those who simply want to reduce the stump’s visibility and use the area for landscaping purposes. Ultimately, stump grinding is often preferred for its efficiency and minimal impact on the site, unless complete removal of the tree’s root system is required for significant replanting or construction.


“Woodland saved the day when a storm knocked down a tree on my property. Their quick response and expert removal not only prevented further damage but also gave me peace of mind. Thank you for your professionalism and expertise!” – John D.


“I couldn’t be happier with the exceptional service provided by Forest Tree Care. Their team efficiently removed a large tree from my backyard, leaving no mess behind. Highly recommend their professional and courteous service!” – Sarah M


“I’ve been using Woodland for years to maintain my trees, and they never disappoint. From pruning to health assessments, their team always goes above and beyond to ensure my trees are healthy and thriving. I wouldn’t trust anyone else with my tree care needs!” – Emily W.

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